This Code applies to all the Internet sites managed by the Angelini S.p.A. Company that have a URL address. This document is meant to be an expression of the all the privacy protection criteria and general practices in the procedures according to which personal data are collected, stored and used. This Privacy Code is easy to consult because it is accessible from the home page of the site and through links from any other page of it, where personal data are collected. If necessary, further information can be provided on these collection points with regard to the specific purposes for which the data will be utilised. This Code, together with any additional information, is aimed at protecting personal confidentiality for the people that visit and use the Angelini S.p.A. sites.

1. Privacy Guarantees
The term "personal data" used in this Code means all the information that can be used to identify a natural person or public body, either directly or indirectly. Angelini S.p.A. will not process your personal data without your consent where that is not permitted by the regulations in force. In processing your personal data, Angelini S.p.A. undertakes to comply with the italian Legislative Decree n. 196/2003 and subsequent amendments and, in any case, with the national and international regulations in force and applicable to the protection of Privacy. In the context of the foregoing, Angelini S.p.A. guarantees compliance with the strictest security standards for your personal data. The following sections of the Code describe the procedures for collecting your personal data.


2. Use of personal data
Most of the Acraf S.p.A. sections or sites do not require any kind of registration and can be accessed and consulted without identification of the visitor. However, registration may be required for some sections or sites. When registering on our site, it might be necessary to complete some fields (some are compulsory, others optional) and also to choose a user name and a password. In that case, not supplying some of the personal data requested could make it impossible for the visitor to access some sections of the site and for Acraf S.p.A. to respond to the requests received. Acraf S.p.A. processes the personal data collected for specific and limited purposes, in relation to which information is given at the time the information is requested. By way of example, the collection and use of the personal data could be aimed at the supply of products or services, at charging, where specifically foreseen, for the products or services requested, at selling products or services deemed to be of interest for the visitors to/users of the site or for communicating with them for other purposes. The information sent to our Customer Service is only used to solve the problem of the user/customer and in any case is treated as confidential. Acraf S.p.A. only keeps your data for the time reasonably necessary for the abovementioned purposes, and in compliance with the applicable legal and/or ethical obligations regarding keeping documents.


3. Confidentiality of the information
Your personal data cannot be communicated to third parties or distributed unless you give your prior consent. Angelini S.p.A. will not circulate or communicate your personal data in any other way to third parties outside the Angelini S.p.A. Company. Nevertheless, such data might occasionally be transferred to third parties acting on behalf of Angelini S.p.A. or in relation to its business activities, for the purpose of further processing in pursuance of the purposes for which the data were originally collected. Where communication of personal data to third parties is probable or necessary for any reason, Angelini S.p.A. will make sure that such communication and the use foreseen of the data are clearly explained with a view to giving informed consent. The above-mentioned third parties might adopt different codes of conduct for Privacy. In any case, Angelini S.p.A. wants to make sure that those third parties give the same level of protection as Angelini S.p.A. itself and, where necessary, will require them by contract to process the data transferred to them only for the purposes specifically authorised by Angelini S.p.A. None of your data that is “sensitive” in pursuance of the Italian Legislative Decree n. 196/2003 will be communicated to third parties (information on the state of health, for instance) without your prior consent in writing. Your consent, expressed in accordance with the provisions of this paragraph, can always be withdrawn. In that case Angelini S.p.A. might no longer be able to meet the requests sent by you. Where possible, Angelini S.p.A. will inform the third parties to which your data were transferred that you have withdrawn your consent.


4. Safety and confidentiality
To ensure the safety and confidentiality of the personal data collected on line by Angelini S.p.A., Angelini S.p.A. will use protected data systems, inter alia, by firewalls and passwords, in compliance with the provisions of Presidential Decree 28 July 1999, no. 318 and Legislative Decree 196/2003 and, in any case, with the regulations in force. Access to personal data is only permitted to "assigned” and authorised staff members who actually need to use those data and who have been instructed about processing them properly, in compliance with the principles of safety and confidentiality. Disciplinary measures will be considered in the case of any breaches of the Privacy Code of Conduct by Angelini S.p.A. staff members. Compliance by staff with the codes and procedures of Angelini S.p.A. is periodically monitored and checked. Even though it cannot completely exclude the possibility of loss, fraudulent use or alteration of the data, Angelini S.p.A. means to prevent such undesirable events.


5. Right of access
The parties involved in data collection can exercise all the rights recognised by art.7 and following of Italian Legislative Decree n. 196/2003 (including, by way of example, the right of access to, updating and cancellation of their data). Angelini S.p.A. means to ensure that personal data is up to date, accurate and complete. If you want to have access to or amend your personal data held by Angelini S.p.A., you can write to the pertinent address among those indicated in the paragraph on “Control of personal data" or send an e-mail message to this site. Your request will be promptly and adequately considered. No charge will be made for complying with requests for amendment, except in the case of a request that is not legally justified. Requests for cancellation of personal data will be subject to the applicable legal, ethical or documentary restrictions pertaining to Angelini S.p.A.


6. Anonymous data and "Cookies"
Most of the information collected by Acraf S.p.A. through the internet site is anonymous, just like the information on the pages visited and the searches made. None of your personal data is collected during your visit to the Acraf S.p.A. website without your permission. Anonymous information is processed by Acraf S.p.A. for the purpose of improving the contents of the site and for drawing up aggregated statistics about the people that visit our site, for internal purposes and market research. Within the framework of this activity Angelini S.p.A. might install "cookies" that collect the user’s top level domain name (for instance '' from an e-mail address such as:, the date and the time of access. A "cookie" is a piece of information sent to your browser and saved on your computer’s hard disk.  "Cookies" do no harm to your computer. You can alter your browser settings so that it lets you know when you receive a "cookie", so that you can decide whether to accept or refuse it.


7. Spamming
Angelini S.p.A. does not allow "spamming". "Spamming" means sending unrequested e-mails, usually of a commercial type, in large numbers and repeatedly, to individuals with which the sender of the message has had no previous contacts or who has expressed the wish not to receive those communications. On the other hand, where Angelini S.p.A. considers that certain products, services or information in the field of health could be of interest to you, it reserves the right to send you information by an e-mail message while, at the same time, recognising the possible of refusing the information service.


8. Use of the site by underage persons
The Angelini S.p.A. sites are intended for use and consultation by persons of legal age. Any requests from underage persons will not be taken into consideration.


9. Control of the personal data
The "Controller " of the personal data collected within the context of this internet site is Angelini S.p.A., an italian company with only one shareholder under the direction and coordination of Finaf S.p.A. – having its registered office in Viale Amelia, 70 -00181 Rome, Italy; phone 0039 06 780531; fax 0039 06 78053291. The names of the persons "Responsible for" and "Assigned to" processing of personal data will be made known when necessary, in relation to the needs of the particular case.


10. Links to other sites
This Privacy Protection Code only applies to the web sites of the Angelini S.p.A. Company and does not include the web sites of third parties. Angelini S.p.A. reserves the right to provide links to other sites that it thinks can be of interest to visitors to its site. Angelini S.p.A. means to make sure that those sites comply with the highest standards of quality. Nevertheless, in view of the nature of the World Wide Web, Angelini S.p.A. cannot guarantee the standards of every internet site for which it provides the link, nor can it be held responsible for the contents of sites other than those of Angelini S.p.A. Angelini S.p.A. means to constantly improve the tools at your disposal for amending the data supplied to it. We therefore suggest that you consult this page periodically to check on these improvements.