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28/11/2014| The project “Psychè” is set up in order to train the family doctor

Florence, 28th November 2014

The depression affects 7.5 million people namely 12.5% of the population in Italy. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) this illness is the first reason of disability nowadays. It is a serious problem affecting families and work: one depressed person out of 3 is still depressed  after one year; one out of 10 shall continue the treatment after 5 from the first event occurred while more than a half will have a relapse in life. The concurrence of other chronic pathologies such as hypertension or diabetes worsens the quality of life. In this framework the family doctor plays an essential role.

For this reason “Psychè” project set up and was presented at the 31st Congress of the Italian Society of General Medicine and Primary Health Care (SIMG) underway in Florence.
The initiative has been implemented with the complete contribution of Angelini in collaboration with the Italian Psychiatric Society (SIP) with the aim of transferring diagnostic and therapeutic knowledge to the doctors all over the territory in connection with the management of the patient affected by depression (and bipolar disorder).

“Unfortunately the impact of this illness is underestimated”, said doctor Claudio Cricelli who is also the president of SIMG. “The guidelines recommend a 6 months treatment at least because of the high risk of repetition. However findings of several studies carried out in Italy have shown that the percentage of persons who take correctly and continuously antidepressant drugs are only 20% while about 50% have suspended the treatment within 90 days and 70% within next 6 months. This leads to treatments lacking  of efficacy, unjustified increasing number  of the persons exposed to possible side effects and also extra costs for the National Health Service”.

The project “Psychè” has been divided into an early stage when 20 family doctors are trained with “special interest” in the neuropsychiatric field and lately they will also train 500 colleagues, and into a second stage of implementation at local level. This way the knowledge gained will be implemented on ground during the management of patients affected by psychiatric troubles while the most difficult cases will be addressed to specialists.

As stated by Fabio De Luca, General Manager Pharma Division at Angelini “The Psychiatric morbidity is one of the most relevant problem of public health, and depression is one of the most dominant chronic pathology as also shown by the WHO. This leads to the unavoidable consequence that the largest number of patients is managed inside the Primary Health Care field. The family doctor plays an important role and remedy as to the identification, treatment, and addressing patients to the specialists for those who are affected by such pathologies. ‘Psychè’ is an unprecedented project whose aim is to provide decisive approaches and tools in order to improve the management of those patients affected by such pathologies”. 

The project has been launched in June 2014 while first territorial courses of those doctors who have been previously “trained”, will be held in 2015.  

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