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04/11/2014| The project La Scuola Angelini - Imparare fa bene is launched at the children’s hospital “Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù” in Rome

The project promoted by the Angelini Foundation was inaugurated in collaboration with CONI (Italian Olympic Games Committee) and the Italian Society of Pediatrics at the Rome Hospital today. The project also involves a learning path of the Hospital School.

Rome, 4th November 2014 – It is the hospital Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù in Rome which  inaugurates the “La Scuola Angelini – imparare fa bene” (The Angelini School – learning is good), a project and will of the Angelini Foundation which strongly promoted it in collaboration with CONI and sponsored by the Italian Society of Pediatrics. By supporting the Hospital Schools the project aims at promoting both growth and training of those hospitalized children.

In the hospital of Rome, at the presence of Erminio Maurizi, vice-president of the Angelini Foundation; Giovanni Malagò, the CONI President; and Giuseppe Profiti, President of the Bambino Gesù hospital, has taken place the assignment of the so-called Mobile delle Scoperte, a special piece of furniture including  experiences, incentives and activities which has been totally dedicated to both teachers and students of the Primary School of the hospital Ospedale del Bambino Gesù in collaboration with the unified school Istituto Comprensorio Virgilio in Rome. 

“We are pleased to be among the beneficiaries of this project, the hospital Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù is among those pioneers as to Hospital Schools and we know the importance of enabling both day hospital and hospitalized children to have a lasting learning path. The projects as La Scuola Angelini give the possibility to enrich the programs with specific learning tools where it is possible to learn and enjoy at the same time”, said Giuseppe Profiti, President of the hospital Bambino Gesù.

Inside the piece of furniture which was purposely realized and hand-painted by the artist Silvia Zacchello, the students will have operational learning cards, materials and exhibits in order to discover the human body in an interactive way. All materials have been thought for different age groups in order to promote the groups of classes inside the Hospital Schools. Furthermore it includes ideas and curiosities in connection with active life style and sports, promoted by the CONI.  “The CONI has immediately joined and supported the school La Scuola Angelini because we share with it the interest for those development activities enabling the young generations to better grow and to be aware. We are strongly convinced that sport and its values are integrally part of the national education and culture. I would also thank the Angelini Foundation which asked us to participate to this project  providing important opportunities of growth for children”, said Giovanni Malagò, President of CONI.

Each young patient together with the material, will have his/her Diary of Exploration, a special individual book-diary which is inspired to the narrative medicine principles by reinterpreting it in pedagogic, recreational and educational points of view. “This project is able to conjugate and interact the learning training with the attention paid to the psycho-physic wellbeing, promoting topics which also encourage prevention and help children to be aware and play a leading role”, said Giovanni Corsello, President of SIP.

In addition to the Roman hospital 10 more structures will be the beneficiaries of the project in the cities of Milan, Bergamo, Novara, Bologna, Massa Carrara, Ancona, Verona, Naples, Bari and Palermo.
Starting from January the project will also reach 300 primary schools based near the involved Hospitals and it will promote learning materials, ideas, and activities on those subjects connected with the education to health through the narrative path. Other materials will be also available in 150 pediatrics-consulting rooms.

“The Angelini Foundation is allied to the education sector and we also share wellbeing and happiness values of the next generations. Our strong will is to promote this project and we inaugurate only the first step today. We are strongly convinced to follow this path and increase the number of the Hospitals, Schools, and pediatric consulting rooms year by year. In this framework I am pleased to thank the CONI because they have contributed and provided a valid support for the development of the La Scuola Angelini”, said Francesco Angelini, President of the Group.

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