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12/05/2006| The centenary of the Juanola pastilles

The famous Spanish liquorice flavoured pastilles are celebrating their hundredth anniversary; this is an important anniversary since not many products in the pharmaceutical sector can boast such a long history.

Created in 1906 in Barcelona, the pastilles with their distinctive diamond shape, black colour, liquorice flavour and beneficial effects for the health of the mouth and throat, are among the best known and best selling products in all of Spain.

The original formula, created with natural ingredients one hundred years ago, has remained unchanged down through the generations and become a real "classic" on the Spanish market.

After purchase by the Angelini Group in 1998, the Juanola range of products was increased and diversified, thus combining tradition with innovation:  now, in addition to the pastilles, there are capsules, sweets and chewing gum.
Distribution and the communication strategy have evolved also: after being sold in chemists’ shops for a century, Juanola is now going to be marketed at other points of sale thus making the product more easily available.
To celebrate the centenary, Juanola has introduced a new package, shaped like a diamond just like the pastilles, which stands out clearly from among the competition.

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