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15/08/2000| The Angelini Group signs a strategic agreement with the CSC Group

On the 18 of last July last, the  Pharmaceutical Division of the Angelini Group signed a strategic agreement with the CSC Pharmaceuticals Group, which operates on the pharmaceutical markets of Austria and the countries of Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary).

Under this agreement the Angelini Pharmaceutical Division will soon be able to become a minority shareholder in the CSC Group with an option to increase its shareholding in the future.
This operation is part of the internationalization strategy of Angelini Group, which is aiming at an expansion on markets with great potential for growth.

The CSC Group, which has its head office in Vienna, was founded in 1989 by some Italian entrepreneurs coming from Farmitalia; in 1999 it had a turnover of about 65 thousand million and about 350 employees.
The CSC Group is a very important partner for certain European drug companies, particularly Italian ones, that operate in the sector of prescription and OTC drugs, because it has operations centres in nearly all the Eastern European countries.

The agreement is of great strategic importance both for the commercial activities of CSC and for the expansion of Angelini on Eastern European markets. The Angelini Group Company is the leader in Italy of the over-the-counter drugs (OTC) market. Its skills, combined with the strong commercial presence of CSC in the countries of Eastern Europe, will make the development of good synergies and the growth of the business possible, especially in the OTC sector. In particular, Angelini will be able to improve the penetration of its products on the Eastern European markets, where it is present at the moment with the Tantum line and the antidepressant Trittico.

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