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01/09/2015| Laura Biagiotti entrusts Angelini with a licence for her perfumes

Angelini and the Biagiotti Group have reached a licensing agreement for the production and distribution of Laura Biagiotti perfumes.
Laura Biagiotti is one of the biggest names in Italian fashion. She began her operations in the 1960s, following in the foosteps of her mother, Delia Biagiotti Soldaini, who founded a fashion house. Laura Biagiotti was the first Italian fashion designer to hold a show in China in 1988 and in Moscow in 1995. She is considered an Ambassador for Italian Fashion, having forged commercial and cultural relations with many foreign countries.

Besides being famous for the quality of her fashion designs, Laura Biagiotti is known throughout the world for the success of her perfumes. Fiori Bianchi, her first perfume, was launched in 1982, followed in 1988 by Roma and in 1992 by Venezia. 1994 was the year of Laura and Roma Uomo.
In 2013, Roma, considered a classic bestseller throughout the world, celebrated its 25th anniversary. The perfume bottle is in the shape of a beautiful ancient Roman column. The surface of the flask, in opaque glass, is grooved and lets us glimpse the warmly sensual perfume inside, with a soft amber colour for the female version, and a strong gold colour for men.

Laura Bagiotti is a top-selling brand on the Italian and German markets, with a turnover of about 30 million euros.
With this new investment, Angelini is strengthening its position in the perfume production and distribution sector, a business that Angelini has been involved in ever since 1994.
With the entry of the Laura Biagiotti brand into its portfolio - which now boasts partnerships with brand names such as Trussardi, Dsquared, Gianfranco Ferrè, Armand Basi, Angel Schlesser, Mandarina Duck and Anne Möller - Angelini confirms its position as a leading player in the perfumes and cosmetics sector.

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