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26/12/2005| Gifts for 1000 needy children from 80 Father-Christmas paediatricians

The second edition of “Progetto Natale” (the Christmas project) is under way; this initiative, which combines solidarity and information, is being carried out by Angelini with the sponsorship of the SIPPS (Italian society for preventive and social paediatrics) and the child protection association “Pensabambino”.

From now until 24 December, these special Father Christmases will be visiting little patients that are in hospital or receiving outpatient or home care, as well as their relatives. The gift packages include educational pamphlets about the importance of play for children.

During the week leading up to Christmas white coats are left aside and replaced by nice Father Christmas costumes to take gifts to children in need, in hospital, or receiving outpatient or home care.
From now until 24 December, 80 paediatricians or specialist trainees in Paediatrics, who are participating in the second edition of “Progetto Natale” - the charitable and educational initiative started by Angelini - will be knocking at the doors of 1000 children.

“The first edition of Progetto Natale, held in 2004, under the auspices of the Italian paediatrics society (SIP), the Italian society for emergencies in paediatrics (SIMEUP) and the research centre for health education (CREAS) of Rome’s Catholic University of the Sacred Heart) – said Prof. Pietro Ferrara, manager of the Paediatric Clinic of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart and lecturer at the Rome “Campus Biomedico” university, member of the Italian Paediatrics society and author of the initiative – enabled us to take gifts to more than 600 little patients. Their enthusiasm has encouraged us to repeat the initiative with even more ambitious aims”.
Progetto Natale 2005”, with the SIPPS (Italian society for preventive and social paediatrics) and the “Pensabambino” organisation working alongside Angelini, will make it possible to contact 1,000 children, and therefore 1,000 families, and provide information about the world of childhood. The gift packages also contain educational pamphlets intended for the parents, which include the decalogue of the Codacons (consumer rights group) about the safety of toys and deal with the concept of the importance of play in the life of a child.

Playing, just like drinking and eating, is necessary for a child’s psychophysical development. Therefore this material invites parents to participate in the growth of their children by playing with them and doing so in a safe way. The decalogue drawn up by the Codacons is useful in this regard: it is a guide for helping adults to choose safe and non-toxic toys.

An initiative of solidarity combined with a strong educational element reflects the spirit of Angelini: the Company has always been committed to providing not merely high quality and absolutely reliable products but also patient education services, the value and usefulness of which are recognised by both doctors and patients.

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