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24/06/2013| Farmaffari rewards the Angelini production plant of Ancona

Last June 13th in Rimini, Angelini was awarded the "Total Quality: zero deviation" award promoted by Farmaffari, the market place specializing in the pharmaceutical business.
The awards ceremony was held as part of the 53rd symposium AFI (Association of Pharmaceutical Industry) during the session "Rules and Quality in the pharmaceutical industry."

The award is given to pharmaceutical industries who, during an AIFA inspection, received 0 major deviations and less than 5 minor deviations compared to the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Periodically AIFA GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) inspectors carry out inspections to assess that pharmaceutical plants are compliant with the rules relating to Good Manufacturing Practices, which regulate the production of medicinal products placed on the market and intended for clinical trials.
These inspections ensure that there are no malfunctions in the systems, practices or production and control processes which may adversely affect the quality of medicinal products and create potential risks to the health of patients.
Following inspection, a report is prepared, in which deviations are classified as critical, major and minor, and it is up the company to identify corrective actions which should be communicated and approved by AIFA.
When this process is successfully completed, AIFA releases the new decree authorizing the manufacture of medicinal products.

The prize was awarded to the Ancona plant and handed by Prof. Alessandro Rigamonti, AFI President and Dr. Mariano Marotta, SviMM Farmaffari Study Director, to Dr. Tito Picotti, Director of the Production Plant.

The Prize "Total Quality: zero deviations", is part of the Farmaffari Marketing Award which since 2005 rewards the most innovative and suggestive advertising in the context of health products, the awards ceremony will be held on September 25th.

FARMAFFARI, consisting of a website ( and a guidebook, encourages the exchange of information between companies operating in the pharmaceutical sector and offers new professional opportunities to young graduates and staff with experience in search of new professional challenges.

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