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14/05/2005| Campus Angelini: The Company provides a service for doctors

The first edition of CAMPUS Angelini will be held on 13 and 14 May 2005 at the Angelini premises in Santa Palomba; the protagonists of this event are the Italian schools of medical specialisation. The Campus will be an opportunity for specialist trainees at the different schools to get together: for these two days the trainees will be the protagonists of discussions and debates, alternated with outdoor activities aimed at helping them to get to know one another and socialize. Angelini is the promoter and sole sponsor of this unique event, which will be held every year for the schools of specialisation related to various therapeutic areas.

What the event consists of
With Campus, Angelini once again displays its ability to offer doctors not only effective and long-standing products but also a service with a very high added value. In fact, the Campus format makes it possible for specialist trainees at the different schools to compare notes; in this way it is an important opportunity for training and for learning about the different approaches to the same diagnostic subject. Secondly, it is an opportunity for people belonging to different structures to meet and an opportunity for the various professionals to get to know one another with a view to collaboration in the future, which is known to be particularly valuable for the development of a physician’s career.
The first edition of Campus involves the schools of specialisation in Paediatrics and the subject chosen for discussion is "Eating disorders in childhood and adolescence: most recent diagnostic-therapeutic trends and the approach to children with this problem". Angelini had good reason for choosing paediatrics as the first target of this format: a specialist in children’s health is always an ideal contact and an essential link between the Company and the public.
Then, in the field of paediatrics an initiative of this type is unique of its kind: in fact, even though the most important schools of specialisation in paediatrics have an association that gives them an opportunity to exchange ideas, they never before had the chance to get together at  a single congress.
It is planned to hold Campus Angelini every year, aimed at specialists in many different therapeutic areas. With the Campus project, Angelini proves itself to be an ideal partner for the doctors who are the protagonists of an educational and stimulating event that involves them totally.

Other actions in favour of paediatricians
Angelini periodically organises other initiatives aimed at involving paediatrics. This is the case with the patient education projects, through which Angelini helps parents to deal in the best way with problems related to the health of their children: fever - what is it? why does it occur? what is the best way of treating it? physical exercise - why do it? what effect has it on the growth of the child?  and food allergies - what are they? what foods cause them and how to prevent them? Leaflets and pamphlets are made available to the mothers at paediatricians’ consulting rooms, thus providing a useful and easy to use teaching instrument. Thanks to the well known quality and reliability of its products, Angelini has enough standing to give advice and information on certain subjects and the very fact that the pamphlets are signed by a paediatrician is a guarantee of the accuracy of their contents.
Another step forward in the dual context of product and service is a solidarity project in which paediatricians play the leading role: this was carried out at the end of the 2004 with the Christmas project known as “Progetto Natale". The paediatricians dressed up as Father Christmas and gave gifts of toys to needy children. Angelini handled all the organisation of the event, providing the paediatricians with logistic assistance, the costumes and the gifts for the children. The initiative stressed the importance of play for children. In this case also, the initiative met with great success and was sponsored by the Italian society of paediatricians and the Italian society for emergencies in paediatrics.

A mascot for Tachipirina
Campus Angelini is also an occasion for paediatricians to meet the new Tachipirina mascot for the first time. The character is a little elephant dressed in pink, the typical colour of the Tachipirina package, and in the event’s leaflet he is in the pocket of a paediatrician’s white coat. This is intended to show the close relationship between the product and the  paediatricians: a relationship of trust, which has developed over the years thanks to the reliability and efficacy of the product. Taco, the name given to the mascot, is expected soon to be the protagonist of a series of initiatives that, through paediatrics, will involve mothers and children.

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