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05/10/2015| Barral Family Day in Portugal: the first Barral event for the whole family

The first Barral Family Day was held in Lisbon at the end of September; right from its origins this Portuguese brand has been close to families, promoting the health and wellness of the skin of mother, father and child.
The event was inaugurated by the Portuguese actress, Diana Chaves, who has been brand testimonial for several years.
The day was devoted to recreation, amusement, music and shopping, for big and small.

The place hosting the event, Palacete Leitão, was divided into several areas: an area with entertainment for the little ones, an area where nutrition experts gave advice and suggestions for healthy and proper eating, and an area where the actress Diana Chaves gave tips on beauty.
During the day special events were also held for expectant mothers: two workshops during which the future mothers could have their doubts clarified and ask questions about pregnancy, giving birth and the baby’s first years.

Participants in the event were able to get to know, test and purchase the whole line of Barral products, including: Barral Creme Gordo, Barral Creme Gordo with almond oil, Barral BabyProtect and Barral DermaProtect. 
Famous persons from the world of fashion and show business, influential bloggers and journalists participated in the event.

The Barral Family Day was held in the year that the Barral brand celebrated its 180 years of existence, a long story in which the brand proved itself able to meet the needs of Portuguese families. 

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