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14/03/2014| Anjelif expands in Portugal

Angelini Farmaceutica presented the Anjelif brand in Lisbon last February.

Portugal was the first country, after Italy, to receive the new dermocosmetics line with Polglumyt, a molecule of natural origin patented by Angelini, which improves cell vitality and slows down the skin’s ageing process.

The launch event, a select cocktail party, brought together important Portuguese personalities, who heard the message sent by Francesca Angelini, foundress of the brand.

Catarina Furtado, a Portuguese actress and TV anchorwoman, was chosen to personify the Anjelif woman. This was not just a random choice: her social commitment and versatile personality were determining factors in the selection of Catarina Furtado as brand testimonial.

“Viva a Anti-Gravidade” (Hurrah for anti-gravity) is Anjelif’s slogan, addressed to Portuguese women and advising them, while they are still young, to learn to use creams that slow down premature ageing of the skin.

During the brand launch event, Angelini invited beauty consultants to help ladies to find the most effective treatment for face and body according to different types of skin.

The Anjelif range includes a line of products for cleansing and caring for the face and a line of treatments for the body.

Anjelif products are sold in the best Portuguese pharmacies and parapharmacies.

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