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17/05/2012| Angelini participates in IDDN - the Italian Drug Discovery Network

Based on their experience and expertise in the field of pharmaceuticals, Angelini, Dompé, the European Institute of Oncology, the Italian institute of technology, Recordati and Rottapharm, have signed an agreement for the creation of a centralized chemical collection aimed at identifying new biologically active molecules for developing new drugs.

The “Centralised Collection of Chemical Compounds” project consists of approximately 200,000 high-quality molecules, jointly selected by the IDDN participants. The molecules are going to be used in biological tests aimed at the creation and development of new drugs: it will be possible to screen a large number of molecules in order to determine, inter alia, their characteristics and therapeutic potentials.

The project is part of the initiative by the Italian Drug Discovery Network (IDDN), backed by the participating companies and research institutes, with a view to promoting a more fruitful interaction between the private and public bodies operating in the pharmaceutical industry and scientific research sectors.  Bringing together the skills and experience of every IDDN promoter will give a new impetus to innovation in the treatment of human diseases.

Thanks to the sharing of the different kinds of know-how and the possibility of organising the strongpoints of the IDDN into a system, an original model of collaboration is proposed to the entire international community with a view to amplifying the potential of the participants in the project and making their joint and shared work more effective, to the advantage of Italy.

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