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05/10/2015| Angelini hosts the Farmindustria event “The pharmaceutical industry: a fortune that Italy cannot lose”

On 2nd October last, in its Ancona facility, Angelini hosted the seventh stage of the programme of road shows “Innovation and Creation of Added Value. The pharmaceutical industry: a fortune that Italy cannot lose”, organised since 2012 by Farmindustria, the Association of pharmaceutical companies operating in Italy.

The hosts were Maria Francesca Angelini, President of Angelini SpA, and Gianluigi M. Frozzi, Managing Director of Area Farmaceutica Angelini. Also participating were Massimo Scaccabarozzi, President of Farmindustria and representatives of the Government and the local institutions, including the Mayor of Ancona, Valeria Mancinelli. As well as Angelini there was a representative of Pfizer, the other pharmaceutical company with a strong presence in the Marches Region. The round table was chaired by Fabrizio Ferragni, deputy director of the TG1 TV news. The aim of the roadshow of events promoted by Farmindustria is to highlight pharmaceutical excellences, focussing each time on the region hosting the event.

With regard to the regional scene, statistics show that the pharmaceutical industries are an absolute value for the Marches: there are 2,800 employees, direct and in induced activities, of which 1,400 in the plants in Ancona (Angelini) and Ascoli Piceno (Pfizer). Angelini’s production in Ancona is destined for 50 countries throughout the world, while 72% of the total export products are made in Ascoli Piceno. Also in the Marches, pharmaceutical exports increased considerably between 2009 and 2014, from 8% to 20% of total products. In this scenario, Angelini is a virtuous example: an Italian firm with a strong presence abroad, even on challenging markets like the Turkish, Russian and United States ones.

At the national level, Scaccabarozzi, President of Farmindustria, described the pharmaceutical sector as “a feather in the cap of products Made in Italy”: during the past year the sector had an increase in production of 28.7 thousand million euro (+4.5%), with a positive figure concerning employment also: 5,000 new recruits (of which half aged under 30) during the past 12 months.
On the basis of these figures the pharmaceutical companies are agreed on hoping for stability in the Italian regulatory situation and asking the institutions for it: in this way, said Scaccabarozzi, Italy can aspire to become the leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in Europe, replacing Germany in the first place.

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