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13/10/2014| Angelini Farmaceutica in Spain: solidarity initiatives for adults and children

Angelini Farmaceutica is aware that the commitment of a pharmaceutical company should go beyond research, development and the production of drugs.
It is for this reason that Angelini in Spain has established several partnerships with national organizations, supporting social projects with a particular focus on health in the social welfare sector.

Angelini supports the “Edición Recuerda” Alzheimer’s campaign with Juanola, promoted by the Queen Sofia Foundation.
The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness among public opinion of Alzheimer’s, an illness that affects more than 500.000 people in Spain and approximately 32 million people in the world.
The companies involved in the project have created ex novo products with their original historical graphics. It is possible to purchase these products, thus contribute to raising funds destined to research in this sector on the official website.

Angelini Farmaceutica also supports the "L’Arbre dels Petits Valents” fundraising campaign promoted by “Sant Joan de Deu” Hospital in Barcelona, to raise the funds necessary to build a new clinic in the Hospital. These clinics are destined to be utilized by children during their chemotherapy treatments.
In the past four years the oncological-hematology unit of “Sant Joan de Deu” Hospital has seen a 30% increase in the number of its patients. Thus, there is the necessity to create a new facility in order to allow children to attain all the treatments they need.

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