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02/07/2015| Angelini Farmacéutica: online courses and communication to promote maternal breastfeeding

Mother’s milk is the best food for new-borns because it provides all the nutrients they need in the first stage of their lives, and protects them from any bacterial and viral infections. Despite this, in Spain only 18% of babies are fed exclusively on their mother’s milk in the first 6 months of their lives.

Mindful of this situation, Angelini Farmacéutica in Spain has been organising educational courses ever since May 2014 aimed at promoting, and providing detailed information about breastfeeding.

The courses cover three topics:
  • the present situation and how to encourage breastfeeding;
  • what are probiotics;
  • mastitis as one of the most frequent complications.

Even if a lot of mothers begin breastfeeding their child, the drop-off rate rises over the first weeks. Early weaning may have various causes, one of the most important being the breast pain felt by many women as they breastfeed their baby. Mastitis is an inflammation of the mammary glands, frequent during breastfeeding, which affects 1 woman in 3. The symptoms associated with mastitis may appear suddenly and include: pain, swelling, heat, inflammation, a general feeling of being unwell, and a temperature. In the case of a temperature and feeling unwell, mastitis can be treated with antibiotics. Often. however, treating mastitis with antibiotics alone does solve the problem. Two clinical studies (Arroyo, 2010; Fonollá, 2014) have shown that lactobacilli isolated from breast milk are an effective option in the treatment of mastitis, in combination with antibiotics.

Since May 2014, Angelini Farmacéutica has organised and promoted more than 70 events in Spain including conferences, symposiums and courses, attended by more than 2.000 professionals working in the sector: gynaecologists, general practitioners, obstetricians, paediatricians and nurses.

In order to promote the importance of pain-free breastfeeding, it has created a website - - containing useful, reliable, and regularly updated information; a Twitter account (@lactasindolor); and a YouTube channel full of videos with useful advice for breastfeeding mothers.
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