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03/06/2013| Angelini's commitment to energy saving and efficiency

Last May at the Angelini production plant of Ancona a seminar was held entitled "Energy Audit in the Company - Theory / Practice Study Day" conducted by FIRE (Italian Federation for the Rational Use of Energy), an independent technical and scientific non-profit association whose purpose is to promote the efficient use of energy.

During the day spent in the company, twenty-five participants from all over Italy were able to learn methods and techniques for performing energy audits and carry out inspections of technological systems.
The fact that FIRE has chosen Angelini as a partner in this initiative is proof of the cultural and technological importance of the production center in the Marche region: machines and latest equipment both for production and service (utilities) with low fuel consumption and high efficiency, plants that self-generate heat and power (cogeneration), production systems from renewable sources (photovoltaic) and an energy management system to control consumption processes.
The Ancona plant is increasingly being quoted by industry experts for the technological equipment and organizational structure focused on energy savings and efficiency.
On several public occasions (Chambers of Commerce, ENEA, FIRE, Sole24Ore), Angelini had the opportunity to tell of the experience accrued, gathering support and at the same time stimuli and ideas to continue the work begun nearly 10 years ago.

Angelini projects in recent years
In November 2010, a 2,000 kW cogeneration power plant entered into production at the Ancona plant.
In operation now for over two and half years, through the sole use of natural gas, the plant supplies electricity and heat for the production of drugs, for warehouses and offices, fulfilling 70% of the total energy requirements of the plant, comparable to the energy consumed by about 3000 domestic apartments.

The investment, supported 100% by Angelini, in addition to more efficient use of energy also allows for a cost savings of more than half a million euro per year compared to traditional procurement. At present, the return on investments is expected by 2014.
In 2011, in Ancona, a photovoltaic system installed over the nearly 15,000 square meters of the roof of the warehouse went into production. The system with a rated power of 1500 kW at peak produces enough energy to meet the needs of almost 300 apartments and has replaced the previous coverage thereby allowing electricity production from the sun.

Team play for energy saving

Everyone can help save energy by turning off office and meeting rooms lights unless absolutely necessary, shutting down their PCs at the end of the working day and keeping the thermostat at the correct temperature (maximum 22°C in winter, minimum 25/26°C in summer and however no more than a 6°C difference between outside and inside).
However, when we talk about more complex and large systems, it is important to have teamwork between all individuals and agencies involved in technological management.
In this regard, an Energy Team has been setup which, under the coordination of the Energy Manager, identifies, promotes and implements measures for energy saving and efficiency, both by means of technology and machine and plant management, with the aim of saving energy and lowering bills. The savings are recorded in a special account called the virtual savings account.

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