Angelini Pharma Turkey

Angelini Ilaç San. ve Tic. A.Ş. is a medium sized company located in Istanbul which markets prescription products to major national wholesalers who distribute them to pharmacies and hospitals within the entire national territory of Turkey.

Angelini Group has decided to establish a new entity in the Turkish market in 2011 and the process has been completed in 2014. Before that, Angelini products used to be represented by Santa Farma Pharmaceutical Company for more than 20 years.

Angelini Pharma Turkey became fully operational at the beginning of 2015 and currently employs 132 people (85% in Sales Force, 15% in Headquarter).

The main therapeutic areas of Angelini Turkey are: CNS, Respiratory, Cough Sedatives, Musculo-Skeletal System.

The main brands are: Desyrel, Anzyl, Perebron, Farhex, Tantum Verde, Tantum Draje, Tantum Jel and Tantum Pastil.

Desyrel, Anzyl CNS
Tantum Verde, Farhex Respiratory System
Perebron Cough Sedatives
Tantum Jel, Tantum Draje Muscolo - Skeletal System

Angelini Pharma Turkey’s annual turnover is 15 M€ (2017)

Angelini Pharma Turkey holds 41th position in unit sales of the products and 73rd position in turnover in the national ranking among 350 companies.