Angelini Pharma Russia

Angelini Pharma Russia is located in Moscow (Russia) and markets its original OTC brands and 2 IBSA Company prescription products to major national wholesalers who distribute them to pharmacies and hospitals on the entire national territory.
The main therapeutic areas of Angelini Pharma Russia are: sore throat, gynecology and reproductive health.

Angelini brands have been represented in Russia for more than 15 years. 

The main brands are Tantum Verde, Tantum Verde Forte and Tantum Rosa. Angelini Russia also markets 2 IBSA Company brands: Merional and Alterpur.

Tantum Verde Sore Throat
Tantum Rosa Gynecology
Alterpur, Merional (IBSA brands) Reproductive Health

Angelini has opened Russian affiliate in November 2014. Before that, distributors-business partners represented its interests on the Russian market.
The company employs more than 130 people.