Angelini (Italy)

In Italy, Angelini’s offer in the pharmaceutical sector is one of the most qualified and comprehensive on the market:  prescription medicines, branded and generic medicines for self-medication, products for disinfection and medication, health products and herbal medicines and products for personal care and hygiene.

The market-leading brands make Angelini one of the most famous and reliable pharmaceutical industries in Italy, placing it among the top companies by sales volume.

The main therapeutic areas of Angelini are: pain and inflammation disorders, nervous system diseases and disorders, infection control and infectious diseases, cold and flu, oral care and sore throat, gynaecology, disinfection.

Angelini is an undisputed benchmark in the field of pain and inflammation disorders with leading brands, both  prescription ones (Tachipirina1000, Aulin, Tachifene, Tachidol, Alghedon, Vellofent) and self-medication (Moment and Momendol).

In the nervous system diseases and disorders field, Angelini is on the market with two antidepressant drugs, brand names Trittico (trazodone) and Daparox (paroxetine), and with Resilient, lithium salt proven to be useful as a mood-stabilizing drug in the treatment of bipolar disorder.

Brands as Xydalba (dalbavancin), approved for the treatment of adult patients with acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections (ABSSSI), and Unidrox (prulifloxacine), an antibacterial drug indicated in the treatment of lower urinary tract infections aswell as in some types of respiratory infections, make infection control and infectious diseases field one of the core therapeutic areas of the company.

In the treatment of colds and flu, Angelini is present with market leading  historical brands such as Tachipirina (paracetamol-based analgesic and antipyretic), Tachifludec (paracetamol ascorbic acid and phenylephrine -based antipyretic and decongestant) and Tantum Verde (benzydamine-based anti-inflammatory for the throat).

In the field of gynaecology, the main brands are Colpogyn (estriol), estrogen hormone replacement therapy, Esolut (progesterone) female hormone supplement for progesterone, particularly useful for treating threats of  abortion under assisted reproduction, antibacterial Unidrox, innovative products of the Perilei line, indicated to prevent loss of perineal fabric tone in pregnancy and menopause and the anti-inflammatory Ginetantum (benzydamine).

In the field of gastroenterology treatment, Angelini's product portfolio includes a line of laxatives, consisting of Alaxa, Verolax and Portolac (recently acquired laxative containing lactitol monohydrate).

Since 2000, Angelini has been one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of generic pharmaceuticals in Italy with a list of about 60 molecules and more than a hundred references. The main therapeutic areas are cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, ophthalmology and antibiotic therapy.

Angelini is a leader in the field of disinfection, with the brand Amuchina (broad-spectrum active disinfectant), created to satisfy all disinfection needs for the body, objects and home environment through a range of specific products, as well as a catalog dedicated to products used in the professional field.

Moment - Tachipirina1000 - Tachifene - Aulin - Tachidol - Alghedon - Vellofent Pain and inflammation disorders
Trittico - Daparox - Resilient - Nervous system diseases and disorders
Xydalba - Unidrox Infection control and infectious diseases
Tachipirina - Tachifludec - Tantum Verde Cold and flu, Oral care and sore throat
Colpogyn - Esolut - Unidrox - Perilei - Ginetantum - Tantum Rosa Gynaecology
Alaxa - Verolax - Portolac Gastroenterology
Amuchina Disinfection

In the supplements sector, Angelini is present with the brands BioEnterum (dietary supplement to balance the bacterial flora), Acutil (food supplements for energy recovery) and the Body Spring range, which has more than 90 herbal products and supplements, developed to promote the wellbeing of the body in general, improving its nutritional condition and physiological functions.

In the dermocosmetic field,  Anjelif is a complete range of products for face and body based on Polglumyt®, a molecule of natural origin patented for cosmetic use by Angelini R&D.  

Angelini Health & Care Stores by Francesca Angelini is the Retail business of the group; its aim is to provide consumers with a professional counselling on wellness, thanks to Angelini pharmaceuticals expertise. In the Health Care Stores, people can buy all Angelini products and the best choice for health and beauty, selected and guaranteed by Angelini. Moreover, a dermocosmetic product line has been created under the brand BenEssere: BenEssere dermocosmetics use only 100% natural functional ingredients and undergo Dermatological and Nickel Tests in the Angelini Research Laboratories, to ensure the highest level of safety and tolerability.

Angelini has a strong presence in Personal Care aswell, with Infasil brand.  Always synonymous of neutrality and delicacy, Infasil presents a wide range of specific products suitable for the whole family: deodorants, cleansers and body detergents.

Angelini in Italy employs more than 1.500 people with a turnover of 457 mln € (2016).