Angelini Pharmaceuticals Romania

Angelini Pharmaceutical Romania is active in Romania since 2011, even if Angelini products (Tantum Verde, Trittico, Tantum Rosa) were present in the country since the nineties. It started as being represented by a small trading company Seder SRL, then as a CSC Representative office. After the acquisition by the Angelini Group in 2007, the transfer process has started and Angelini Romania became fully operative in 2011, when full portfolio and activities were transferred  to the new trading company.

Angelini is member of ARPIM, Romanian Association of Foreign Drug Manufacturer.

Angelini sells its products to major national wholesalers who distribute them to pharmacies and hospitals.

The main therapeutic areas of Angelini in Romania are: pain relief, respiratory, dermatology, gynecology, orthopedics, rheumatology, pediatrics, psychiatry and oncology.

In these areas Angelini is present with its products but the company is also an exclusive representative of many foreign pharmaceutical companies from France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, USA, Great Britain and many others.

Angelini portfolio is composed of: ethic drugs (55%) and OTC (the most important OTC brand is Tantum Verde), food supplements and medical devices.

Aulin, Hyalgan, Hyalone, Hymovis, Piascledine Pain/Inflammation
Trittico, Acutil CNS
Tantum Rosa, Macmiror Complex, Monural, Feminella Vagi C, Feminella Hyalosoft, Feminella Hereditum Gynecology
Iclusig Hematology
Xydalba Infectious disease
Aloxi, Akynzeo Oncology - Biotech
Zibor Orthopedy - Surgery - ATI
Tantum Verde, Tantum Natura, Erdomed, Fluimucil, Tantumgrip, Rinfoluimucil Respiratory Tract
Kitonail Dermatology

Angelini Pharmaceutical Romania employs about 110 people, of which 73 involved in medical promotion and pharmacy sales.

Angelini Pharmaceutical Romania holds the 17th  position in volume (with 7.8 M units) and the 25th in values in Romanian pharmaceutical market with an annual turnover of more than 24 M€ (2017).