Angelini Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd (Pakistan)

Angelini Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd is a pharmaceutical company acquired by Angelini in 2009, located in Lahore, the second largest city of Pakistan.

The main area of operation is distribution of prescription and OTC drugs on the entire national territory. The company has recently started the production of drugs through contract manufacturing.

The main therapeutic areas are: gynecology, CNS, urology, pulmonology, pain and inflammation.

Angepine CNS
Benzirin Analgesia
Brumixol Gynecology
Ferimoz Antianemic
Ferital Antianemic
Floraid Gastroenterology
Fluimucil Pulmonology
Heptoliv Hepatology
Ketoflex Analgesia
Lantigen B Pulmonology
Ledoren Analgesia
Monurol Urology
Myoron Analgesia
Spasmex Gastroenterology
Taurovit Food Supplements

Angelini Pharmaceuticals (Private) Limited employs 125 people (80% in the sales force).

Over the years, Angelini grew higher than the average of the national pharmaceutical industry; the average growth of the Pakistan Pharmaceutical Industry  is of 17% per annum. Angelini recorded a sales growth of 231% in 2010, 77% in 2011 and 24% in 2012.