Angelini Pharma Česká republika

Angelini Pharma Česká republika produces and distributes pharmaceutical products, medical devices and food supplements to the Czech market but also to other European and non-European countries.

Angelini Pharma Česká republika is a member of the Czech Association of  Pharmaceutical Companies.

The main brands and therapeutic areas are:

Trittico, Acutil CNS
Aulin, Neuritogen, Piascledine, Oramellox, Trispan, Flexodon C 800 Pain/Inflammation
Erdomed, Levopront Respiratory
Tantum Verde, Tantum Natura Cold and Flu
Macmiror, Dafnegin, Unidrox, Rosalgin, Feminella Gynecology
Aloxi, Akynzeo, Iclusig, Tepadina, Lutrate, Vellofent Oncology
Micetal, Polinail, Sililevo Dermatology

In the market of antidepressants, mucolytics, gymecological antiinfectioves and oral desinfection, Angelini is leader with Trittico, Erdomed, Macmiror and Tantum Verde.

Angelini occupies the second position with the brand Aulin in prescribed non steroid analgesics market.

In the OTC market Angelini Pharma Česká republika occupies the 9th position and the 27th position in the prescription Czech Republic pharmaceutical market.

Angelini Pharma Česká republika employs over 100 people (about 55 % in the sales and marketing). The turnover is more than 35 M€ (2017).