Production plants

The manufacturing plants of the Angelini Group are located in Ancona, Aprilia (LT) and Casella (GE). Pharmaceuticals are produced at the Ancona plant for finished products, and Aprilia for pharmaceutical raw materials, while the plant in Casella specializes in the production of Amuchina brand disinfectants. The production is destined for all worldwide markets.  All factories use the latest technology, with automatic control and supervision systems. Of particular importance in the whole process, is analysis and quality control starting with raw materials.

Safeguarding the environment and health protection in the workplace are essential factors, which further improve Angelini’s productive activities.

Environment, safety and health
Angelini plants are at the forefront with regard to environmental protection. For many years the management and policies for improving individual environmental aspects have been central elements of the production process, so much so that since 2004 all three sites have obtained the voluntary UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certification. Significant investments have been made in clean energy production, including a 1,600 kW photovoltaic plant, a modern cogeneration system, new evaporation towers and new high-yield steam generators. These new technologies have been integrated with an automatic management system that optimizes consumption of climatising systems used to create microclimates.
Continuous improvement in energy consumption is supervised by an Energy Management Team. All these measures have reduced CO2 emissions by more than 650 tons a year.

Health and safety in the workplace are essential basic requirements of each activity carried out inside the plants. Angelini has created a corporate culture that considers that the first duty of each employer is to ensure the absolute safety, health and well-being of all the workers.  In this regard, behavioral safety standards have been established both at the corporate level and in the individual departments together with a system for observing behaviors and standards that will help to focus attention on safety aspects and to enhance the culture of co-workers in the field of accident prevention. Timely risk assessments and compliance with all existing laws in the field of environmental protection, hygiene and safety at work, along with the full involvement of all company personnel are key requirements for achieving excellence in all areas.