About us

Leader in the wellness industry, a point of reference in the field of health protection, Angelini is the natural choice for daily wellbeing.

Angelini manufactures, markets and distributes products for personal health and wellbeing.  Angelini’s mission is to be close to people, meeting their daily needs with effective, reliable and high quality products that are widespread and accessible, ensuring constant and tangible wellbeing.  Its objective is clear: to be a natural choice in daily health and wellbeing.

Angelini is a medium size private international group, a leader in health and wellness in the field of pharmaceutical and consumer products.  Born in Italy in the early twentieth century, the Angelini group has offices in 20 countries and worldwide  distribution of products.  Led by President Francesco Angelini, the group employs 6.000 people with a consolidated turnover of more than one billion six hundred million Euro.

In the Pharma field, Angelini is an "integrated company" with extensive research, development, manufacture and marketing of active ingredients, medical products and dietary supplements.  

At the international level, Angelini is concentrated in the areas of pain and inflammation, mental health, infectious diseases.

The most well-known international brands are Trittico (trazodone, antidepressant), Tantum (benzydamine, anti-inflammatory), Aulin (nimesulide, analgesic - anti-inflammatory), Vellofent (fentanyl, analgesic), Xydalba (dalbavancin, antibiotic) and Latuda (lurasidone hydrochloride, antipsychotic). 

Locally, Angelini is focused on specific areas thanks to the strength of its brands.

In Italy, Angelini is one of the first pharmaceutical companies and specializes mainly in analgesia and inflammation, CNS, oral care and sore throat, gynecology and disinfection.
Angelini is a leader in the field of self-medication: historic brands such as Tachipirina, Moment, Tantum Verde, Amuchina, which have been present in Italian homes for years, have made Angelini one of the most well-known and reliable pharmaceutical industries of the country.  

In the field of Personal Care, in a joint venture (Fater) with Procter & Gamble, the Angelini Group is the market leader in Italy in the field of baby diapers and sanitary napkins under the brands Pampers, Lines and Tampax.  Always in a joint venture with P&G, it is a world leader in the design and implementation of integrated production lines for the sanitary products industry (Fameccanica).

The diversification of the group also extends to the wine sector (Bertani Domains) and perfumes (Angelini Beauty).

Among the distinctive skills of Angelini,  its in-depth knowledge of the markets is one of the determining factors for the Group’s success. The efficiency and integration of the supply chain and the ability to manage complex sales networks, make it possible to optimize the service with an extensive presence in both industry-specific channels and large retail chains.

Angelini is a modern group, attentive to changes in the market and projected into the future, but always proud of the values ​​that are at the basis of its corporate philosophy.  Professional skills, competitiveness, involvement, collaboration at all levels and ethics are the core values ​​of the corporate spirit that make it possible to respond to internal and external challenges in an efficient and effective manner.